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JH21series open back punching machine with dry clutch

  • Welded body with steel plate and high intensity.
  • Main motor is made by Siemens.
  • Adopts combined pneumatic friction clutch and brake.
  • Cluster gear adopts the flooding oil lubrication.
  • Six-face rectangle lengthen guide; JH21-315B/400B adopts eight-face lengthen guideway.
  • Equipped with hydraulic overload protecting device.
  • JH21-25/25B/45 adopts manual shut height adjustment,among these types JH21-25/45 adopts scale display and JH21-25B with digital display.JH21-63 and above type adopts electric shut height adjustment with digital display.
  • JH21-45 can equip with die set height adjustment motor, the value will be displayed by digital.
  • JH21-25B, JH21-45 and above type equipped with balance cylinder.
  • Duplex valves imported.
  • Electric compelling grease lubrication system.
  • Balancing cylinder adopts manual lubrication system.
  • One set of blowing device.
  • Controlled by PLC with international brand.
  • Buttons, indicators, AC contactors, air circuit breakers and other controlling devices are imported from international brand.
  • Equipped with optional air cushion device, automatic feed shaft and photoelectric protector,which can used to work with various automatic equipments.


1Força nominalkN1600
2Stroke under nominal forcemm6
3Slide block strokemm160
4Number of Fixed strokemin-140
5Number of Variable strokemin-135-50
6Max die set heightmm350
7Die set height adjustmentkW110
8Distance from slide block centre to the framemm380
9Worktable dimensions (F/B*L/R)mm740*1300
10Dimensions of worktable holemmΦ 300*50* Φ260
11Thickness of bolstermm150
12Hole dimensions in bed (Diameter /F/B*L/R)mm480*600
13Dimensions of slide block bottom surface (F/B*L/R)mm580*770
14Size of the handle hole (Diameter*Depth)mmΦ65*85
15Distance between columns of bodymm850
16Potència del motor principalkW15
18Pes netKg14500

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